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right faith, right intention, right speech,
right action, right livelihood, right endeavor,
right mindfullness and right meditation
The very term ‘meditation’ obviously denotes the supramundane purpose. The Buddha was the first spiritual master who denied the existence of soul and creator God not for mundane purpose but for supramundane purpose. So before venturing into a spiritual practice one should have an idea of practising meditation and the purpose. The Buddha has said ‘Nibbanam paramam sukham’ meaning ‘the enlightment alone gives an eternal peace and bliss’.
Ven.BHIKKHU BODHIPALA (S.DINAKARA RUBAN) was born a Protestant Christian on 18-5-1955 to Mrs. & Mr. J.Solomon Raj of Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, South India. He graduated from Raja Duraisingam Memorial College, Sivaganga. In 1977 be emberaced Buddhism under the preceptorship of (Late) Ven.E.Nandiswara nayaka Thera, the then secretary General of Maha Bodhi Society of India, Kolkatha. He had Buddhist training under the guidance of (Late) Ven.Dr.Ananda Kosalyayana Maha Thera of Nagpur. After his retirement from Government service he was ordained a Bhikku under the preceptorship of Ven.Dr.Rastrpala Maha Thera, internationally a reputed Teacher of Buddhist Meditation. Bhikkhu bodhipala has penned many books and articles both in Tamil and English. Currently he has undertaken a research project for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Madurai Kamaraj university in the Department of Gandhian Thought. Presently he is deeply engaged in teaching Buddhist Meditation.



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